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A. Depending on your individual circumstances, it’s a good starting point to find out what can be done to assist you; it confirms whether a lease option or a purpose-built facility is a good business decision. If you are seeking an independent viewpoint, then this service is a good place to start (remembering that the service is free unless there are any travel expenses) i.e.if the enquiry doesn’t lead to onto a service, then there is no cost to you.


  • Business owners wanting purpose-built facilities that they can lease.
  • Commercial real estate agents who have clients that intend to lease and want assistance with a financial package and the build process.
  • Professional business advisors that recommend the service for their clients.
  • Investors who want a property investment for spec or identified tenants.

A. Once locked into a design/build project contract there is no room to obtain the ‘best price’ by way of tender which then reflects in the lease that you will pay once the project is completed. The cost of the land and build will impact on whether the development is viable. The service that we provide involves expert consultants who we have business relationships with to do the plans and engineering and from there the process is that typically 3 tendering construction companies tender for the work.

Warehousing, Factories, Distribution centres, Bulk storage, Self-storage, Transport facilities, Manufacturing, Multi-unit development (all with offices attached if required).

Retail blocks of shops, Office blocks, Service stations, Bulk retail.

A. The Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions are our focus; however, we also put deals together New Zealand wide depending on certain criteria.

A. Only travel expenses if there is a need to visit you or your site that is outside of Tauranga.

A. That you meet the developer’s financial criteria and have the ability to pay a yearly lease based on a set lease term, as set out in the agreement to lease.

A.Once the proposal is finalised by way of an ‘Agreement to lease’, then the service is paid by the developer (financier).

A. The current market rates are charged at the time of the development enquiry. The development is divided into areas such as office/warehouse/hardstand etc. and the market rate applied for each.

A.If the requirements are outside a more generic design (eg: that can be used by multiple uses), then the lease figure will reflect the risk to the developer. Each enquiry is assessed for risk and the developer has the right of refusal if the risk is not economically viable.

A. The developer pays for the design and engineering so they own all the prepared professional services documentation.

A. People are certainly free to do that as most agents provide an excellent service. The added benefit is a fully-financed package where everything is done for you. This includes a building design to meet your individual needs that include design drawings, engineering, building consent, resource consent (if required) land purchase and this entire service is free. We also have direct access to land developers North Island wide so we can get the best land purchase deals possible in some cases.
This service promotes a ‘one stop shop’ whereby we take care of the entire development rather than engaging multiple parties to reach the same result.

A. All products used within any of the developments meet the NZ Building Code standard and are all provided where required with producer statements for code of compliance certification with the local authority. The developer who is financing and owning the building that you will occupy will not be interested in low grade or cheap products as it will reflect in their building value and impact on any ‘sale price should they decide to sell the building to the market.

A. There are multiple developer options and this is dependent on the type of development and the location of the same.

A.Relocation can apply to a Local, Regional, National or International client and be based on the opportunity to relocate on a number of factors such as:
access to markets, reduction in transportation costs, lower overheads, accessing a less expensive workforce, access to a port for export/import, lifestyle, family reasons, roading networks, target market accessibility, anticipated growth, new product lines etc.

A. That can be a good option. However, the build process isn’t a competitive one whereby a tender process is based on competitive pricing. Secondly, you still have to finance the land and build development unless you can find a financier. Our service takes care of the entire process at no cost to you. There are no concerns of having to raise the finance or the time that it takes to engage separate entities to complete the project.

A. This can be a good business decision, but it does introduce an element of risk. Owning your own building can tie up a large amount of capital or the ability to raise capital. A lot of companies now understand that the capital (or the ability to raise capital) is better invested in their ‘business activity’ which realises a higher rate of return on investment. This service opens up the opportunity for you to consider where your money is best invested.

A. We prefer to work with commercial agents to locate land if we don’t have access directly to the land developer. We can assist agents who are looking to engage us for our service for either the fully financed developments or for the project management service for their clients that wish to either lease or own their own building. The developers may sell the entire development to the open market so the commercial agent can then make a generous commission from the sale, so the formula benefits all parties.


A.It simplifies the process of accessing all the professional services that are required for a building consent by way of a ‘one stop shop’ solution rather than engaging services independently and at greater cost.

A.They could include but are not limited to:
Geo tech engineering, Structural engineering, Structural monitoring during construction,
Fire engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Civil engineering, Detailed design,
Acoustic engineering, Surveying.

A.The Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions are our focus; however, we also put deals together North Island wide.

A. Most people don’t know where to start and who to trust. This process can be complicated and can vary from district to district with the different local authorities. If you engage professional services independently you introduce an element of risk prior to and during the build where lines of responsibility can be clouded. Secondly, the professional services may not be working in a team approach to get the best result for you the client. This could result in on-site ramifications and substantial costs if the design and engineering aren’t compliant. The cost and time to engage these professional services will add to the overall costs of the project.

A. Each project is different from the next so after understanding your building requirements and its complexity in terms of the level of professional services required and time to engage and manage these services then a project management fee will be tabled for the client to establish the value. All fees from all the professional services will be itemised (open book) and they are paid for individually and directly by the client along with the project management fee.

A. The main reason is that by paying each engineer and service directly, it eliminates all risk for you the client. If you pay the engineers directly you have agreed to their terms of engagement and have a direct line to them for the entire project. Should there be any queries by the construction company that completes your build during construction, then each individual engineer has an ethical and legal obligation and can be approached directly without going through CM Consulting which will add delays and a potential layer of extra cost. CM Consulting will always be available to sort out and assist with any queries.

A.Yes once the professional services have been paid along with the project management fee, then the client owns all the documentation.

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