CM Consulting was established by Craig McQuoid with the objective of making it easier for business owners and investors to navigate commercial and industrial property development and lease acquisition processes.

With 20+ years in the construction industry, Craig McQuoid has seen compliance requirements in New Zealand continue to rise. Understanding the processes and what options exist if you are a building owner or investor can be difficult at times and completely confusing.

We aim to help people find the best solution for their particular circumstance and to maximise the opportunity for their investment whether it be design and build or a long term lease strategy.


By moving away from building ownership, business owners are better able to focus on their business activity and invest in that for a better return. Corporate companies understand this concept, and while a lot of Kiwis will always want to retain building ownership, it may not necessarily in all cases be the best business decision. Purpose-built facilities have many positive advantages for businesses.
These advantages can add up to some serious efficiency and productivity gains. Almost every client we have worked with reveals feedback that they should have considered the move years ago! While Craig acknowledges that it’s something that won’t appeal to everyone, media commentary suggests there is also a growing trend nationwide in the commercial and industrial property market toward leasing new buildings.
For those that own and occupy their existing building, this move can free up capital or create the ability to raise capital for investing in individual business interests for a greater return on investment. Once a ‘Bulk & Location’ drawing along with an estimate of lease is produced, people are often surprised that there isn’t a lot of difference between their existing lease of an old building compared to a new purpose-built facility of similar size but with all the advantages.


Not all businesses have the same needs, and it’s important to evaluate what will best suit you and your business. Even companies that are currently leasing but could benefit from leasing a purpose-built facility should consider a design/build/lease solution. Quite often the lease rates of a new purpose-built facility are similar to an older style inefficient building that the client currently occupies. Obtaining long lease terms allows the business owner and property developer some security, which results in advantages for both parties. Rather than owning a building which at times has its merits, leasing a new building that is purpose-built to house your business activity can be a cost effective alternative with a great deal of upside.

Commercial & industrial property development has become such a specialist area and with a lot of compliance surrounding the industry, it has become rather complicated. Wherever you sit on the spectrum, it is clear that engaging a consultant like CM Consulting, who works in tandem with specialist property developers, will result in a ‘win-win’ situation for your future.

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